What We Do  We help service businesses and startups find their vision – what they should be offering, who they should be offering it to, and the best way to deliver their services.

How We Do It Every situation is unique, so we take a custom-tailored approach to every engagement and do not walk in with a methodology, platform, or product that we try to make work for everybody. But here are some consistent principles that are likely to come up in most engagements:

  • Most business owners need to do more planning, but either don’t know how to go about it or are too busy with day-to-day concerns to do it effectively. They may also lack an outsider’s perspective on their own business, especially if it’s been in operation for a while. Planning should be a continual, iterative process (LEAN and Agile methodologies both recognize the need for continuous improvement and iteration), not a document written for a bank or investors and then filed. We can help by providing planning advice, perspective, and also by taking on some of the work of making it happen.
  • Most business owners get started because of a passion and talent for their products and services, NOT a burning desire to stand up an organization with many people to do sales, marketing, accounting, finance, and HR. This lack of passion about things which do not seem to be value-added cause these functions to be neglected, which causes increasing problems as the business scales. We can help by providing management, training, and augmentation on these functions.
  • Most business owners could benefit from updated technology. Businesses both small and large use legacy systems long past their ideal useful life. Using outmoded technologies hampers your efficiency and your image with customers and vendors. In addition, it can expose your business to security problems and data loss – disasters which are a leading cause of business failure. We can help by providing objective advice about your technology solutions. We have relationships with a number of technology providers, but are not joined at the hip with any of them – we’ll recommend what you need.

Our decades of experience in business ownership and management can help you with the problems outlined above, and more. We help you plan, discover resource gaps, and move forward.

Contact us (use the form on this page) to discuss or click the “schedule appointment” button for an initial meeting at no cost or obligation, and let’s get started!

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