One of the things I learned when I was in the imprinted products business was – you’re responsible for all the questions, including the ones no one thought to ask.

University of North Texas (UNT) is getting a lot of publicity over a coffee cup because virtually all mug handles look like a — C. I can almost guarantee that the vendor, who probably provided exactly what they were asked to provide, is being asked “what they can do about this.”

Moral: If you’re “setting anything in stone” by buying products, registering domains, or the like, think through unfortunate implications. Most of us with any experience know to check spelling, colors, and the like, but it’s often the question no one thought to ask that gets you.

If you’re a vendor in this situation, you can add value by helping your client think through and notice these things. You also need strong terms and conditions that protect you when the client insists on something that turns out to be poorly thought through (because some clients will try to shift the blame), or when something like this arises because of information you weren’t privy to.