“I’m glad you’re here.” That’s what a coaching client keeps telling us.

When we got there, the business was struggling with profitability, despite having been in business for over ten years. The owner is the chief producer, leaving him little time to deal with all the side-issues. But those side-issues have had a way of becoming front and center, and the problem with being the chief producer is you can’t ever step away to take a vacation or scale your business up.

What we’ve done:

  • helped develop a strategy for the next year in the business
  • facilitated dealing with some unproductive employees and hiring some skilled help
  • streamlined accounting so that customers are getting billed more consistently
  • taken a hands-on approach to working with customers and created a proposal template which helps ensure that customers are being charged consistently


  • 2-3 times monthly revenue increase
  • worked down a backlog of stuck projects
  • satisfied some unhappy customers (and said goodbye to some who don’t want to pay for quality work)
  • increasing opportunity to bid on larger opportunities
  • staff has increased significantly, decreasing response times while fueling revenues


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