Our prospects sometimes ask a question like “Do you use a consulting system?” And the answer is yes. We have a standard approach to a consulting engagement. It almost always begins with an assessment of the business owner’s “pain points.” What are the things about the business that bother the owner? So we collect that information, and our next round of questions has to do with objectives or goals. What are the things the owner wants to accomplish with the business? They can’t always articulate those as clearly. If they can’t we have some additional work to do.

Where Do We Go From Here?

By the time we’ve gotten this far in the interview, which is often within an hour during our first free session, we’ve usually gotten quite a few problems on the table. Hopefully we’ve uncovered one or two goals, and an almost infinite number of directions we could head. It’s our job to hem up those options and help steer the client toward the ones that will give them the biggest benefits. Clients usually come to us not because they have no idea what their problems are but because they can’t close the loop on which problems are the bottlenecks, and they aren’t sure how to approach solving them.

Finding these solutions does not lend itself to a canned approach or consulting system, which leads us to the next point.

Can We Find All This in a Book?

It’s possible, just like Google or WebMD may help you find the answer or diagnosis you’ve been looking for. But it’s more likely that you’ll find a lot of options. You may come away from that only slightly better informed and just as confused.

We’ve noticed that books on business strategy, especially in the “Strategy” section, as opposed to the “How To” section, tend to promote their approach as the only possible way to business enlightenment. However, we don’t agree with this approach. We may recommend a book that we think will speak to your issue, but we do not subscribe to a certain approach above all others.

It’s not that we don’t believe in formal education or books; it’s just that we believe there’s more than one good book on these subjects.

That’s the way we see it; if this approach appeals to you contact us and let’s talk. There’s no cost or obligation for the first session (or sometimes two).


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