We’ve joined Collaboration Station in Opelika to help support the coworking community there.

Coworking spaces can be a tough business to run – many of them seem to be started on a wing and a prayer. The better ones are outgrowths of, or anchored by, another business. We were members of the Ampersand coworking space in Montgomery for a while, before we got a key client in Opelika and our activity went that direction. Ampersand is a project of the Stamp Idea Group, and they’ve done a great job maintaining the space. We still attend meetings there sometimes, and it’s been a great resource for downtown Montgomery.

Collaboration Station is a relaunch of a previous coworking effort in Opelika, and the new owners have solid business experience and capital that should help them turn it around. They’ve already attracted a healthy number of members, and we’re interested in helping them where we can.

If you’re a member at Collaboration Station, contact us and let’s get acquainted.



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