Would three hours of free consulting help your business? We’ve talked to a number of entrepreneurs who are struggling with some aspect of their small business – accounting, bookkeeping, sales, or marketing. Our business consulting services are all about reducing stress and increasing profitability for entrepreneurs who need advising and coaching.

Free Consulting That’s Really Consulting

But we know it can be difficult to decide if these services will help, so we’re offering something special now through August 15 – three hours free. We’ve all heard of “free consulting offers” that are really just offers to give you a sales pitch. Three hours is enough time to get something accomplished – a jump start to a business plan, putting together a marketing strategy, or developing a road map for new technology for your business. It would be a good start on setting up QuickBooks Online if you don’t have a true accounting solution set up (We’d have to charge you for the monthly QuickBooks fee, but we can give you a discount on that, too).

Of course, we hope that at the end of that free consulting period you’ll see what we can do for you and want to either take us up on one of our affordable retainers or talk to us about writing a complete business plan. But there’s no obligation to do so.

Our $495 per month retainer offer includes:

  • One on one online video session with Gary every two weeks, up to an hour (must be scheduled for a set time), to discuss challenges, work on solutions, and review progress from past sessions. Topics can range from accounting to marketing, sales, technology, capitalization, cash flow, you name it.
  • Online advisory group session – monthly Zoom call with other clients. Brag about wins, talk about challenges that affect the whole group (for example, tax and HR issues).

Our $795 per month retainer offer includes:

  • everything mentioned above.
  • monthly in-person advisory group session and social at the Capital City Club, Montgomery, AL.
  • monthly hands-on accounting review in coordination with an area accountant.

Interested in more details? Contact us today to discuss or make an appointment. The three free consulting hours offer goes away August 15, so contact us today.


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