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Tasha M Scott with Maximized Growth is a high-energy person! She helps non-profits and their leaders with personal growth coaching, leadership development training, and more. She’s in demand as a speaker and author. Besides all this, she also leads a group called Connected Women Win, and has helped a number of professional women find their vision.

But like a lot of entrepreneurs, she needed some help with the back office. She stays busy helping her clients and creating content. With all that going on, she has a goal of – well, maximizing her growth.

We started working with her last month, converting her bookkeeping to QuickBooks Online and advising her on areas ranging from accounting to marketing. With more accurate financial reporting, she’ll have information at her fingertips. With that information, she’ll be able to help steer her business and be ready with reports for her CPA at tax time. We meet every week or two and work with her on 2-3 issues per session.

Tasha has also joined us in the River Region Round Table mastermind group. She’s already led one of our group disussions, and we look forward to her help in the future!

As a full-time entrepreneur for 17 years, I have learned one lesson very well: Maximize Your Strengths and Outsource Your Weaknesses. I am looking forward to Nectar Bridge helping my business to grow internally so I can have a stronger foundation to sustain long-term growth – specifically, in the area of finances. –  Tasha Scott

Contact us if you (or someone you know) could benefit from some help opening up their business bottlenecks! Tasha has benefited from our work with her, and we can help you as well.


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