The holiday season carries its own unique set of challenges for business owners.

If things are seasonally slow, you’re feeling the cash flow pinch at an expensive time of year. If things are busy, you may be struggling to find the time for friends and family.

We can’t solve all of these problems for you, but we can help with at least some of them—back-office help or technology advice to streamline your operations and increase efficiency. Or perhaps you need a realistic review of your business priorities and if they’re receiving the attention they deserve. Most people call it “time management,” but since you can’t really control time, we prefer “activity management” instead.

Here are some practical suggestions for making the most of the holiday season as an entrepreneur:

  • Those customers that seem particularly difficult or demotivating during the holidays? Try taking a step back—you may find they’re just that way all the time. What are they adding to your bottom line AFTER all the costs of keeping them happy are taken into account?

    We recently had a client say, “They’re a good customer; they just don’t pay.” Maybe you’ve got some blind spots about some of your customers, too.

  • Do certain tasks tend to pile up or just somehow never seem to get done? We often view the holidays as a time to catch up, but we’re not always successful. These problem tasks usually sit gathering dust either because they seem a lower priority than others or because you simply aren’t confident you can do them. More than likely, it’s a bit of both.

    Solving these issues is the first step to heading into the new year with a clean slate. Many business owners hire experts, like lawyers or CPAs, to handle these tasks, only to find their workload increased because they’re not sure how to answer the questions coming back to them.

    If you find yourself in this position, schedule a consultation with us. Our many years of C-level experience make us uniquely qualified in this area.

  • Technology can help—or hurt—your ability to unplug from the office. There are lots of new tools to manage communication, billing, and other key functions when you’re away. Used properly, they can allow you to get away from the office. But they can also bring the office to you while on vacation, in a way you didn’t predict and don’t want. We can help you figure out what services you really want and need for your virtual office.

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