Working on a presentation I’m doing in late February about the back office. Here are my capsule summaries of the major areas of the back office. Intentionally, they are general and “real world, layman’s definitions,” not academic ones. Any major areas you would add? Any definitions you’d disagree with?

Regulatory and Legal – the licenses, certifications, contracts, agreements, and other paperwork that the government, your chosen profession, and best practices require you to maintain.

Accounting and Finance – the record-keeping and analysis you need to borrow and invest money, pay your taxes, and keep tabs on where your business is, and, critically – which of your efforts are really paying off vs. what efforts are just making you spin your wheels.

HR/Personnel – the leadership and management of the people that work with you and the tasks you’ve delegated to them.

Technology and Infrastructure – not just computers and software – maintaining all the tools you use to deliver products and services to your customers, including your facilities, uniforms if applicable, supplies, hand tools, power tools, really great mechanical pencils, etc.

Marketing – making sure your products and services are adapted to your target audience, i.e. your prospective buyers, and making sure those buyers know about them

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