Is there a toxic customer that’s threatening your business growth, maybe its very survival? The River Region Round Table will discuss the topic on May 31 at the next meeting.

Toxic customers aren’t always found screaming at your front-line staff. Sometimes the problems are more subtle than that. Gary Smith with Nectar Bridge will lead a discussion about customers who fit one or more of these criteria:

  • You’ve outgrown them, and you can’t find a solution.
  • They’re too large a part of your total portfolio, and they take advantage of it.
  • You’ve made a bad deal with them, and you can’t seem to renegotiate.
  • There’s a misalignment of values and expectations.
  • They have a different definition of what “done” is than you do.

Regardless of the reasons, a toxic customer can diminish your growth or put you under. Come join us and find out how a round table/mastermind group can help your business! Contact us for more information and to RSVP.

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Tasha Scott speaks to the April meeting of the River Region Round Table.


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