Executive coaching can be a valuable, cost-effective way to break through some obstacles plaguing your business. But what should you expect a coach to cover in these sessions? What defines success when you retain an executive coach?

Usually a coaching session will take place before hours, after hours, or around lunchtime. You need a place and time that’s quiet, private, and where you won’t get interrupted (Most business owners struggle with unplugging from their business, so we’ll work with you on a time of the day and week when you can give the session your undivided attention).

We usually try to meet about once a week. Your first session or two may be largely “getting acquainted” sessions, and cover topics like:

  • What is the business doing well?
  • Where is the business struggling?
  • What opportunities exist to grow the business?
  • What external problems threaten the business?

Once we’ve covered the basics, we’ll move quickly to gain an understanding of the financial numbers of the business and work with you to set a reasonable series of longer-term goals and shorter-term objectives.

For example, longer-term goals might include:

  • getting revenue up to a certain figure.
  • meeting a sales goal for a particular product line.
  • getting the business into position to make it the owner’s full-time job.

Shorter-term objectives are the immediate, measurable tasks that need to be performed to advance the business toward the goals of its owners. For example:

  • hiring and training a new sales representative.
  • researching and adding a new product line.
  • opening a new business location.

During our meetings, we’ll define these goals and objectives, and between meetings we’ll also research, plan, and help execute them.

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