I do a lot of indirect, informational posts where I talk about the back office. What we offer can be somewhat complex, and most of my business comes from referrals. But if you’ve been looking around and wondering what exactly Nectar Bridge is looking for:

I’m looking for prospects who:

– own a business which is growing and they’re trying to get better organized, and/or starting to recognize a critical need in accounting, HR, or another staff function.

– are nearing retirement or some other financial stage where starting a business might make sense.

– are investing, or being asked to invest, in a business.

For people in any of those stages, I’d like to put my background to work. I can help with planning, analysis, and/or hands-on operational help at a fraction of the cost of hiring a COO.

I’ve owned (and sold) a business, and served as COO of a technology business during a rapid growth stage for nearly 4 years. I can also provide a number of references, including current and former clients.

If that’s you, or someone you know, contact us!


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