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If you’ve always had an idea about starting a business, the place to start is by writing a plan. It’s a document that outlines what your business is going to look like and predicts the potential revenues and costs associated with it. A complete plan can be valuable for:

  • minimizing risk
  • attracting investment or borrowing money
  • making your first hires

We can also write one for an existing business when you’re at a crossroads, changing owners, or considering a major new product or service.


In your business plan, we will:

  • determine your startup tasks and their costs
  • refine your product or service offering
  • determine what hires you’ll need to make
  • project income and expenses to determine the viability of your idea and what funds you’ll need to get started.


Our business planning services start at $1,500 – somewhat higher if extensive travel or other expenses are involved.


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