I help growing companies bridge resource gaps.

Gary SmithAs a business owner myself, I frequently needed more focus on sales or delivery, but found myself drowning in details – hiring, taking care of employees, accounting, and other administrative tasks. Even with a CPA, attorney, outside IT support, and other vendors to help, I found myself spending hours a day on these necessary tasks, often at the expense of growing my business or being there for my family.

In Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth Revisited, Gerber describes this issue in detail. He recommends that business owners create an organizational chart, put their name in every box, and set out to create job descriptions for each one. Then you just hire great people to take over positions as the business grows.

It’s a great idea, but very few businesses do it. Why don’t they?

  • Entrepreneurs value action over planning. There’s usually a fire to fight, and plans seem to change so rapidly that we feel like we’re wasting time writing them down (It’s a bad habit, but one most of us struggle with, including me.)
  • It’s hard to find high-level, self-starting people who are willing to be multi-hatted, and each box on the organizational chart may only take up 3-5 hours a week, at most. Most businesses can’t justify paying five or even six figure salaries for that kind of expertise, for just a fraction of a full work week.

And then there’s another problem – what do you do when you’ve got a Chief Operating Officer, manager, or Firm Administrator handling those functions, but they leave? It’s a chance to reset expectations, re-evaluate the position – and then spend several weeks or even months finding the ideal candidate. Meanwhile, the tasks they were handling are piling up, you’re not sure where to look for this person, and if you’re thinking of replacing an incumbent, you can’t exactly ask them to run the search or advertise it publicly

A fractional or interim Executive is the answer. You need someone who can quickly get up to speed on your business and help you:

  • Handle tasks for which you can’t justify a full-time position.
  • Find the right people once you have enough work for them.
  • Help your company through times of transition and transformation.

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